Standing Here,  Video, 2010


with open arms

With Open Arms,Video, 2005

main squeeze

Main Squeeze, Video, 2006

A Construction for Disaster

Walk this Way, Video, 2008

star bright, star might

Star Bright, Star Might, Video, 2007

Between a Hard Place, 2008

Between a Hard Place, Video, 2008

Blood from a Stone, Video, 2009


That Human Touch, Video, 2009

By Any Means,Video, 2009

Mark Your Mark, Video, 2010

Pot, Kettle, Black, Video, 2010


In the Red, Video, 2009

Break of Day, Video, 2010

Walk the Walk (Performance- Public Art Fund, Bryant Park, New York), 2010

Walk the Line (Performance- Parasol Unit, London), 2011

Sudden as a Massacre, Video, 2011

Leak from the Top, 2012

Mind the Square (Performance- ICA Portland, Maine), 2013

Buster, Video, 2011

She Bangs, She Bangs, (Performance- FMAC, Geneva, Switzerland), 2011

Like This, Before, Video, 2013

A Tisket, A Tasket,Video, 2013


Built to Burst, Video, 2011

Wall Bearer ,(Performance Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC), 2011

Love 'Em, Leave 'Em, Video, 2013

Off the Old Block (Performance-MOCA San Diego, WOW Festival), 2013


Through the Claw, (Performance- Pace Gallery, New York), 2011



Hold on Her (Performance-MOCA Cleveland), 2013

Only One Like You (Performance- Art Basel, Miami), 2013